Family Photos

Family Photos

Happy Monday!

I’m finally sitting down, & filling you in on all the details of our family pictures. We honestly didn’t finish deciding what we were even wearing till 11p.m. the night before. So here is some helpful ideas on planning family picture outfits last minute, along with outfit details.

First goal is picking a cohesive color palette. When picking out your colors you need to picture your end game for the photos. What are you planning on doing with the finished product? Is it for a Christmas card, or are they to hang throughout your house? If it’s for a seasonal reason then I fully recommend embracing the colors. For example Easter family pictures wearing pastels. But… if it’s for hanging in your house try to think of the rooms that they are going to be hung in. I understand that seems like to much thought to be put on pictures, but this way going forward your pictures can be more like art work. They will work with the room rather than be out of season.


For example our living room is Blues, White, Rust, Browns, & Greens so I was mindful of choosing one of those colors. 

Next step, is picking out the first piece that you will later base all the outfits off of. I found my dress, within 10 minutes after we had our whole look set. Emberlyn would wear a jean romper that matched Cody’s jeans & my flowers. Cody would wear a white button up that matched my dress, & jeans that matched Em’s romper. Doing this will make your family photos look matching without being to over the top matchy-matchy.

Our photographer was amazing, sweet, & she came with suckers! Emberlyn greatly appreciated that. Check her out at Photography by Chelsea Davey! I can’t express enough how happy we are with how they turned out, & how fast her editing turn over time was!

Family pictures don’t need to be one more thing to stress about. So keep it easy and simple and just remember these three things. Choose your color palette based on the season, but be mindful of the end purpose. Find one main garment and base the rest of your families outfits off of that.  Finally, just have fun!



Where to shop our looks.

Cody: Shirt |  Jeans |  Watch | Shoes

Emberlyn: Romper | Sandals | Sunglasses

My look: Dress | Gold Bracelet |  Door necklace |  Sandals



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