You Are What You Eat

Since January first one of my New Years goals was to do a little experiment with my diet & overall health. To clean out my gut flora & be less inflamed & overall just feel good. I was not in any way trying to lose weight honestly in the next 50 days I plan to gain weight, but this time in muscle & not fat.

Original Plan
At first I was just going to do a high fat Paleo diet. To show the effects sugar & dairy were having on my body. Thus showing how having them apart of my diet is truly the cause of fat deposits & my hypoglycemia. I did not originally plan to use supplements in my diet. I didn’t have anything against them, there’s tons of studies to show how they help. I honestly just didn’t care about supplements at first, because I thought I could get enough nutrients through my diet.

Actual plan
I ended up eating mostly a high fat diet during the day & a lean protein diet at night and having max 28 grams of carbs a day. My calories were at about 1,500. I had a couple of cheat meals, but ultimately decided when I ate like crap I felt like crap. I worked out at least 5 times a week ranging from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. If I didn’t work out I at least made sure I hit all my I-watch rings for the day no matter what. Also I completed the Advocare 24 day challenge. I didn’t use the meal replacement shakes it comes with, because those just don’t work for me. I need real food, or it makes me hungry and I end up over eating. After my 24 day challenge was up I was hooked. I now use Advocare everyday using vitamins, spark, and probiotics. Also a big thing that I think helped me stick to it was writing it all down. I wrote out my diet and my work outs. I would recommend that to anyone just starting out. Write everything down to keep yourself on track.

Day 50 Where I’m at now
As of now I am down 13 pounds. I feel amazing! I have so much energy that I was actually able to to keep all my New Years resolutions. Yes, I know it’s only February but 80% of resolutions fail by February. My skin is clear and healthy looking (except for the mornings after I cheated I broke out every time). Honestly I never felt like I needed to lose weight I just want abs someday that would be kind of cool I’m not gonna lie, but ultimatly I just wanted to feel 100%. To not be sleepy or blah or anxious. Eating healthy and working out really does effect your bodies overall mental state. Lastly, my favorite thing of all I reversed my hypoglycemia. I will be doing a whole separate post later on hypoglycemia, but until then. With cutting out almost all carbs (except on cheat meals) and using supplements my body was able to regulate my blood glucose. I no longer get “hangry” or migraines from low blood sugar. Over all I just feel good.

What’s to come
Going forward I’m going to keep cutting out sugar and most all dairy. I also am planning on doing another Advocare 24 day challenge the beginning of March. I will still probably have a few cheat meals here and there. But after breaking out over dove chocolate last week I might hold off on sugar for awhile ahah. I will start having more posts of what I eat, my monthly work outs, and other healthy things that pop up. Mainly just to keep myself on track more than anything.

So here’s to trying to be better than the day before.



the supplements I used the first 24 days:

24 day challenge

Then I used these:





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