Type of Shoes For Your Workout

Type of Shoes For Your Workout

When it comes to health & fitness we all know to focus on what’s good for our souls. Though, not everyone remembers to focus on what’s good for our SOLES.

This year a big part of working out for me is focusing on my form. With that being said, you derive good form from your posture, your proper movement of muscles, & to be safe. In order to do all that you need to start with the shoes you’re wearing.

For lifting:
You want a hard non-compressible sole, strong support no room for your foot to slide around, & good traction.
(Say you wear a compressible shoe like traditional running shoes they may cause you to rise up on your toes. This causes uneven weight distribution & ankle instability.)

Left No Bull Lifting shoe

Right Converse chuck 70 low top

For Running:
You want a compressible sole with superior cushion this will absorb the pounding from your run. Flexible, but sturdy where needs be. But remember to buy running shoes that are actually made for running. And remember to try different brand and shoes. Not all arches are created equal.

Grey & black Nike Free RN Flynit 2017 

Cross training/ lifestyle:
These are versatile shoes made for just about any workout out from elliptical to Zumba classes. Not designed like running shoes to pound the treadmill or pavement. They have strong ankle support along with good traction.

Left out of stock

Right Under Armour Threadborne Slingwrap

(Not an expert just some nerdy shoe facts I’ve learned over time.)

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