Gift Guide for Toddler Girls

Last week we had Em sit down with a couple of magazines, and circle what she wanted for Christmas from Santa (more like try to circle ahah). She was pretty excited when she realized she could pick anything. Towards the end it got a little crazy with circling. So if you have a little girl you’re shopping for and need some ideas here are Emberlyn’s top 10 Christmas gifts.

1. A Play Kitchen: We are actually doing a DIY with this IKEA kitchen, and will post the finished product on here later.

2. Pan set: This pan set looks so real it’s perfect for an aspiring Sous Chef.

3. Play Food: Because you can’t have an empty fridge. (when I read it has waffles she circled it 3 times)

4. Books: Em circled every book she saw. So here is just one brand of books we know she loves. It’s stories of amazing women

5.Play Necklace: For the little fashionista in your life.

6. Baby doll: A baby doll wasn’t on the letter she mailed santa, but when we went to see Santa that is what she asked for. So adding it to the list. A little girl can never have enough babies.

7. Cookie baking set: The perfect gift for a sweet tooth.

8. Dear doll: She requested “all the animals” & thought her dress was pretty. This is the the gift for the animal lover.

9. Train set: When a girl loves trains and pretty things you get her a pretty train right? ahah

10. Disney princess dress up: She asked for a Belle dress from Santa to wear on Halloween. I found this killer deal 3 princess dresses for the price of 1.


If you’re looking for good deals just keep an eye out. We were able to buy all these gifts on sale.

Hopefully Em could help you on some of your Christmas shopping.


Madi & Em

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