Junk Jubilee

| sunglasses: LOFT | sweater: Hinge on 5th | jeans: Levis | heels: AMAZON |

Today was a perfect day for Junk Jubilee I found some amazing items. I love going to this event every year because it gets me so excited for the holidays. I love seeing all the creative holiday displays.

I hope I’m not the only one but I constantly have an on going list in my head of ideas for the house, or items that would be perfect. So when I stumble upon these items it seems almost as it’s meant to be. For example, I have been wanting a locker bin to go over our lockers or under. It would hold items or seasonal decor like pumpkins or pine cones. The meant to be part is I thought to look at the numbers, and on the very bottom of the stack was our house number. Honestly no one will ever notice, but I believe when buying things for your house they should all have their own little stories.

I’ll post pictures of our finds later. I might give in and give Cody his birthday present early. (Because I have no clue how I’m going to hide it.)

Have a great weekend loves.


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