Clean Eating for Breakfast

Sticking to a clean eating lifestyle doesn’t always mean creating some grand recipe. Some days you aren’t going to have time, or groceries, or maybe you’re just not in the mood. That’s why I recommend finding a couple easy recipes you can just make when you’re in a hurry, that still stick to to a healthy lifestyle.

Today’s recipe is from Whole 30
•3 scrambles eggs
•pinch of salt
•pinch of pepper
•1/2 of an avocado peeled and sliced
•2 scoops of salsa
•some cilantro

Whip eggs in with salt & pepper. Cook till all the eggs are fluffy and lightly browned. Place avocado & salsa on top. Garnish with cilantro.

Now some of you are gonna say that you are picky. To that I say just start small. Start be changing out little things at a time. Eventually your body views your healthy option as something you like. I can honestly say for myself I use to only drink Pepsi, now I won’t touch pop it has a gross flavoring. I also used to eat a generous amount of processed food, and thought dieting meant barley eating or eating 100 calorie packs of cookies with no nutritional value. With time and lots of learning by trial & error my eating habits have changed. Now don’t get me wrong I still enjoy things like pizza and I love chocolate, but now I view it differently.

Your body wants real food, it knows how to break it down and use it as energy. By real food I’m meaning things you can grow (veggies,fruit,grain), or you can hunt (beef, pork, chicken, fish), or that you can collect (eggs, nuts). If you are going to eat something like bread for instance try making it (it only requires three ingredients), or get it from the farmers market. That way your body will have a better time processing it. (What happens with all those processed chemicals your body doesn’t know what to do with?  in return it stores the processed chemicals as a fat until it can someday figure out how to burn it off.) Which means if you mostly eat prossessed food and no water.  Your body is storing a good percent of your food intake & is running on low. You don’t put regular gas in a diesel truck & expect it to run efficiently. Why do that with your body?

So follow along with me & we’ll both learn together on how to make our bodies healthy & happy (with little splurges in between).

Next foodie blog I’ll be teaching you my ways for “healthy” baking.




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