Styling Your Workout: Back & Bicep day

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How’s everyone’s day going?!? Gah, it’s time to rise and shine lovelies! Today’s workout of the day is fun and focuses more on weight training. DON’T STOP READING! For those of you ladies that are thinking “I don’t want to get big” or “weightlifting is intimidating” please keep reading. I’ve been lifting for three years now, 5-7 days a week, and I would say I’m far from looking like a man, and I’m always learning. So stay with me here. Lifting weights makes muscles more defined, keeps your metabolism going so you burn calories even after your workout, makes you stronger, and teaches you to push yourself to reach new goals. Fitness is about finding what works best for you, and what makes you feel your best. With that being said we also can’t just do the same workout every day. Our bodies need to be shocked into change. To not plateau we have to set new goals, hit new reps, change up cardio, do dynamic warm ups. Just like in life we get bored with same old same old, our bodies do the same.

Yes, weight lifting is intimidating. . . But we all start from nothing. I’m always reminding myself these stronger more knowledgeable people started out like I did. (Googling how to use machines) Only with time do you grow more and more confident in the gym. With trial and error, you’ll learn how to do reps properly, and how to use machines. So don’t run away just yet. You can do anything you set your mind too. I started out drinking 8 Pepsis a day and thinking the “ab challenged” actually, works. We all start somewhere our bodies are what we make them.

{Let’s get this workout started with some stretching}

Yes, we must stretch. We need to get all our muscles loose even if we are just working back and biceps.

(Use a weight that challenges you, but that you can still have proper form)

• 3×15 20lb dumbbell curls
•3×10 30lb dumbbell bent over rows
•3×10 65lb bench press rows
•3×10 90lb wide grip lat pull downs
•3×10 110lb chin ups on lat machine
•3×10 BOSU ball push-ups
•4×25 BOSU ball sit-ups
•3x until failure BOSU ball push-ups
•4×25 decline sit-ups
•3×10 15lb preacher curls

Hopefully, this made you all nice and sparkly. Have a great Friday, and enjoy your weekend!!


– Madison

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