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Strawberry Jam Recipe

It is a tradition to make Strawberry Jam every summer in my house & since I want you all to feel like family I decided I’d share the recipe we use to make jam. I know I normally promote health & jam is not healthy by any means. Here’s the thing, life is about balance & being Healthy. Not just by being active and choosing clean foods, but by being happy with your lifestyle and relationships. Soooo that’s where jam comes into play, Strawberry Jam tugs at my nostalgic feels. As a family since I can remember we made our own, so I still want to keep the tradition alive. With that being said, moderation is the key. Have a little treat here and there.

Oh, and did I forget to say how easy and fast it is? Let’s jump into this!

Grocery List

  • 2 quarts of Strawberries (buy farmers market or locally grown, store bought doesn’t taste as good)
  • 7 cups of sugar (I know that’s horrible but use real sugar. Real sugar is better for you than fake sugars your body knows how to break down real sugars. If you consume fake sugars your body doesn’t know what to do with them so it stores them)
  • 1 Fruit Pectin packet 

Step 1: boil the lids

Step 2: Mash all the strawberries in a large pot on medium heat


Step 3: Pour the Fruit Pectin into strawberries & mix well

Step 4: Bring strawberry mixture to a rolling boil

Step 5: Pour in Sugar & return to a rolling boil, boil 1 minute


Step 6: Turn off heat then skim the pink foam off the top


Step 7: Ladle the hot Jam into jars

Step 8: Place the hot lids on top and screw on the ring

Step 9: Place the Jam jars into boiling water for 10 minutes

Step 10: Take the jars out and place upright on towel




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