21st Birthday Workout

(I normally don’t make full body workouts, but I thought I might as well have fun with today.)

Cheers to 21 years!


  • 21 Minute Run Around the lake: (I know cardio is always dreaded, but this run is a must in order to stay in top physical condition. Since you will no longer be running and hiding in corn fields at parties. ) DSC01343


  • 21 Tricep Dips: (triceps = party games… If you want to kill at beer pong or bags you have to start training your triceps. Now don’t worry young one soon your skills will be right up there with the greats.)





  • 3 x 21 sec. Planks: (How else are you going to have great keg stand form? Let’s be honest if this is your first keg stand you’re going to keep doing it till you get the perfect picture for Instagram, so why not get it right the first time.)DSC01334


  • 2 x 21 Squats (21 years old huh? sooo either that means you’ve been squatting outside at parties for a while now, or you’re going to really need this workout to build up your leg muscles. Because there is no way you’re going to put your tush on a bar toilet seat. so *squat* *squat* *squat* )  


  • 21 push-ups (Sheesh you better start doing push-ups now… 21 years to make up for. Your friends are obviously going to buy you an obscene amount of shots, and you’re probably going to want to curl a few back since it is your big day and all. So get down and give me 21!DSC01339






  • 4 x 21 flutter kicks (Just think about all the wine, Captains, Moscow Mules, & beer you’ll be drinking tonight. Let’s just push through. You got this!)


One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila


You’re done, now go crush your 20’s

I love working out so I wasn’t going to miss on my birthday, but please don’t take any of the side notes too seriously. It is all in good fun BECA– USE IT’S MY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

xoxo – Madstying

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