Everyone Starts Somewhere


When I first started:

I just started college and was living alone. With the typical stress of a freshman girl, grades, boys, social life, money, etc. So I started doing at home workouts. Mind you in high school I did sports, but I never did weight lifting or participated in P.E. The thought of running was a joke. I also loved fast food like Mc Donald’s & B-Bops & I consumed around 6-8 Pepsi Ones a day.

What kick started it:
I didn’t want to be fat. . At first, it was all about being skinnier I just wasn’t happy with my body.
After watching countless of inspirational Women & learning about muscle groups and diet. I realized it’s not about being skinny, it’s about being the best & healthiest me, I could be.

Let’s talk fitness (that’s why you’re reading this aren’t you? I know you don’t care what started my journey, you want to start your own journey).:

Step 1: stop making excuses
• Everyone is trying to juggle work, social lives, family, health, hobbies and so on.
• But what so many bloggers & fitness people do is try to dress up how to get healthy.
Step 2: FOOD
• Eating out: Just because you’re working to be healthy doesn’t mean you can’t go out to eat with your loved ones. But at the same time don’t eat junk when you go out. That doesn’t mean “oh waiter I’ll have a salad and water”. No, it means having a well-balanced diet. Order fish, chicken, beef. But what no one tells you is yes you can order the pizza if you want pizza. This just means MODERATION. Having a slice or two, if you ate clean all day with no carbs. (I will go into more detail in a later post about food)
• Eating on the go: it doesn’t take a lot of money to eat healthy when you’re on the go. I’m never at my house, so I meal prep. I prep on a free night any day of the week. I also buy healthy on the go snacks like Quest bars, energy bites from Hy-Vee, protein shakes, fruits, and veggies. (Also, Hy-Vee has Wellness Wednesday that’s 10% off the health food section).
• Eating in: try to cook or buy mostly proteins, the greener the better for veggies, and meats try to stay with light meats (they are leaner), but honestly I love throwing in a steak to shake things up.

Step 3 Working out:

• You don’t have to work out at a gym to get fit.
• I try to fit in a workout seven days a week, I do five workouts a week, the extra 2 are for fun like going on a hike or a bike ride around the lake.
• Try to make it fun if you like biking do that for cardio. Whoever started the idea workouts have to suck and almost make you die to be good for you.
• Start small and build your workouts
• set new goals to reach a new PR (personal record)

Miss conceptions:
• Doing crunches will get you abs. . It helps build ab muscles, but if you have tummy fat, you are building muscles under fat. So that means your belly will look bigger. If you want abs, you need to eat fewer sugars & fats & do cardio.
• The trendy workout of the month is not going to be a lifestyle change. For example 30 day squat challenge once you hit 30 days your journeys not over. If you want to keep the booty you got or keep making it better you have to keep working to new goals & changing up your work out.
• Lifting weights will make me look like a man. . AH NOOOOO. As a girl, you are going to have a feminine physic no matter what. Unless you are taking things, you shouldn’t, & besides building muscle and making a ripped body takes time.
• You can’t be bikini ready in a month. . It takes time like I said before your body needs consistent weekly workouts but it also needs change you can’t do the same thing for years.

Sorry if that turned into more of a rant. Throughout the next month, I will be going more into detail about workouts, food, supplements, and clothes.

I’m still learning myself, but everything I’ve learned has taken years of reading things, and learning from my mistakes.

Xoxo – Madison

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