Stonehenge adventures

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If anyone has ever been thinking about going to Stonehenge, GO! I only advise you to go with a group of close friends or people you’ll have a good time with. Because besides seeing the mysterious stone work of art, that is about all you will be doing. It is an amazing sight to see, but remember to dress warmly. You’ll be in the middle of a field, and it gets windy. Great experience but the people you are with make it even better.

There’s a cute little gift shop, go in there, and help support them. They have things from clothes to wine; you’ll be sure to find something you cannot live without. You can, at least, do what I do. I buy a postcard everywhere I go. That way when I start going to tons of places, I do not forget where all I’ve been. The postcards range from anywhere to 2.50-.60.

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Stonehenge is more like a rest stop, so take a moment and just enjoy the weather. Take all the funny, adorable pictures you want or ask someone to take the picture for you. The people there are very nice. Only plan for it to be a two hour stop at max.

It is worth going, just plan to do other things. For example, make a day of it and go to Salisbury. Their mid evil church is so breathtaking it is worth going in. Also, the town is adorable with tons of cute little shops to spend the day going in and out of



If you go you will get:

  • An automated tour guide
  • A ride to and from Stonehenge (if you do not want to walk)
  • A chance to check off one of the seven wonders of the world off your bucket list
  • Once in a lifetime views2016-03-04 08.57.04
  • Can’t forget tons of sheep running around you

Rest stop added bonuses:

  • “toilets”
  • cafe
  • gift shop

Check out my Instagram, comment with thoughts, and I hope you all have an amazing day.

xoxo -M

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