What to Pack for Scotland in February

It’s a bit messy trying to find Nessy…


I ventured to Scotland on February 26th-28th this is purely what I packed or what i wish i packed. The locals said we were lucky enough to experience amazing weather for that time of year, but still it was about 16 degrees to 30 degrees at all times. So what I recommend to pack is based off the weather I experienced & the outings I had.

1. A BIG coat (that you are willing to get a little muddy)

I recommend either a heritage coat in a grey or plaid (you’re going to see them more and more in Fall 2016). Or I recommend an army utility coat with a fur hood.

2. Mini rain boots

You probably haven’t seen them a lot yet, because they aren’t yet super popular but they are amazing. They do all the work of regular rain boots, but they look fashionable & are easy to pack with an added bonus of being light weight. Let’s be honest when we pack the more we can bring the better.

3. Outdoor old man socks

Those babies save your feet!! Trust me the heavier and less stylish the better! Your feet never seem to feel warm in regular socks. So unless you want cold feet, invest in chunky old man socks!!

4. Jeans

I brought two pairs and wore them transitioning them every other day. It’s only a weekend so there’s no reason to take needed space.

5. Sweaters/ Crew necks

This is where I didn’t pack enough. I brought cute light hoodies SOOOO WRONG on my part. You want to bring your heavy crew necks and sweaters! It’s easier to take off a layer than to wish you had more layers on.

6. Under layers

Get creative maybe bring flannels to stick out from your crew necks, but I just recommend layers. If you plan on climbing mountains and enjoying beautiful castles you won’t be sorry.

7. Sneakers

Bring a stylish pair you won’t mind getting stuck in mud or scuffing on rocks. If you are like me you’re going to do anything for a good picture. I brought my dirty pair of white Converse. Those are my go to shoe so I have two pairs, and thought it was okay to get these a little more broken in.

8. Hat & Gloves

Seriously missing my white knit hat with a fur ball on top, those are all the rage right now in London. Every girl I see has one, I don’t know if it’s to make me miss mine or just to be mean. Oh yes, bring grey big comfy mittens you will thank me.

9. Under garments

DUH…moment I know but I just thought I’d remind. Only bring what you will need for how long you’ll be there. xoxo

10. Bathroom junk

I don’t know you, so bring what you need, not what you think you need.

11. Backpack/ rucksack

Don’t bring a suitcase or something awkward it makes it hard to get around. It’s also easier if you can just throw on your backpack and shove it under your seat. Also choose nature themed tones you’ll blend in just a smidge.

12. Camera

There are way too many beautiful photo moments you NEED a camera!

These were my Scotland musts, if you have more ideas or opinions comment below I love hearing all about your experiences.

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