Traveling to Iceland On A Budget: Southern Side


Day 1 / Plane tickets: Skyscanner

This website gets the lowest possible rates available. Sky scanner is very easy to use as well. I bought my ticket from London to Keflavik the week before for £202. We landed in Keflavik which was 45 minutes by bus to our apartment. We didn’t plan ahead for our transportation, but we found Grayline buses which take you to your destination (even if it’s local housing). Also you can book that day for your departure pickup.


Help! I need a ride to my place:

(the company we used) Gray Line

There were many bus options, & I believe taxis out front of the airport. You land in the middle of no where and it feels more reassuring to figure out transportation right away. Using Gray line for a drop off at my apartment door, and pick up to go back to the airport was $50.

Where I Stayed:  Atlantic Apartments & Rooms

If you are “ballen on a budget” like we were this is great. We found a place that the three of us split £60 a person. It had a full kitchen and was located by a Chinese restaurant  & a huge grocery store. It’s fun to go and grocery shop while you’re there because everything’s in Icelandic, but most people speak English.

If I ever went back though I would stay in midtown by the harbor. It’s more touristy down there and easier to site see. Along with tons of local shops & restaurants to try. Also it’s easer to get around where we were located meant we needed to get a taxi to go see things. (We mainly just walked from our place to the landmarks, but it probably took us an 30 minutes to an hour of walking to get to what we wanted.

What we ate day 1:  

Chinese food from Tian Chinese Resturant it is actually one of the cheaper things you can get in Iceland, and it is still not cheap. My meal was about 1800 KR ($14.40). Iceland is known for their lamb and their Sea food/ fresh water fish. Everything else has to be outsourced. I really wanted lobster but I didn’t want to pay the price. All I can say is that Sweet & Sour King Prawn will be craved the rest of my life, AMAZING for the price.


Day 1 adventures in Reykjavik:

We walked to the landmarks from our hotel but half of what we saw we had no o clue what half of the things were… We were looking for Hallgrimskirkja but found three cool places first. no clue what this place pictured above is called. We thought it was a bomb shelter, but I recommend going to this place because it has amazing views of Reykjavik. You can see everything and the water looks amazing from there. Next we walked to Hallgrimskirkja; it was so gorgeous and tall, and truly made you wonder about the people that built it. If you go to Iceland you have to stop and check this out. It was built in the 1760’s and made for some great photos. Next we walked and came across a Ice cream shop in midtown. It is open pretty late with cheap prices 350 KR ($2.80) Midtown; is hopping at night.


Help! I Need a Ride: Taxi

We did not want to walk back to our apartment and Uber is not a thing in Iceland yet. So we wondered in to a hotel in midtown & they called up a taxi for us. You pay for taxis by cash. We took about a 15 minute car ride for 2800 KR ($22.40). Taxi number is: +354 588 5522

Day 2 Adventures to southern Iceland & Northern lights:

adventure day 2: Southern Iceland

I hiked Sólheimajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers. One thing if I went back I would want to be apart of a group that actually climbed glaciers. And secondly bring a rain jacket. When we went it was surprisingly warm in March, but when we went to the waterfall that you go behind I wish I would of had on a jacket and not a sweater that absorbed everything. For £71.25 it was sooo worth it. I felt like I got to see and do so much without having to worry about hot  to get to it all. I Walked along the black sand beaches of Vik. I visited the Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. This day was SOOOO AMAZING YOU MUST GO!


Adventure day 2: Northern lights

We wanted to do this tour at night when we got back but it was to cloudy out that night so it would have been  a waste of money. But if it’s nice when you go, for £35.94 they pick up and drop you off I’d say that’s totally worth it.


DSC00731Day 3 Adventures to the Harbor & the Blue Lagoon:

What we Ate day 2: We were reasonably located to the grocery store. We were just a four minute walk from Hagkup. We chose to get groceries, because it was a lot cheaper than going out. Some things were English most were in Icelandic. It was very fun to shop, we just shopped by the pictures on the packages.

Adventure day 3: Harbor FREE adventurE

Located at the harbor is Hofoi: a house where Reagan & Gorbachev met. That meeting is regarded as marking the ending of the cold war. A Partnership statue: Okay it’s not the coolest thing, but it stands for 50 years of diplomatic relations. There’s also Viking museums I wish we went to but there wasn’t enough time. But the view is amazing!! Walk along the shore take in the mountains the sights are amazing!


Our Transportation to the Blue Lagoon : Gray Line

With buying bus tickets and blue Lagoon tickets separately I saved £6: it was actually cheaper to buy the bus pas there and back & buy blue lagoon tickets seperatly. Gray Line picked us up from our apartment and brought us back. (if youre splitting it with a group of people a taxi would be cheaper we didn’t know that.)

DSC00743 DSC00738

10256887_1162355877111059_3251404561949777493_nAdventure day 3 : Blue Lagoon

If you buy online its €10 cheaper bring a towel and maybe snacks for after (their food is very pricey). If I ever go back though I’d splurge and have a reservation to the lava restaurant. Oh and get their spa products their lip balm is life changing. Plan to be there for around 3 hours unless you book the massages or the restaurant. We did the hot springs for two hours and the last hour we explored the lava rock fields around the spa and gift shops.









home bound…


This post is purely for people wanting to travel on a budget. These are not 5 star examples of how to travel. More like how to have 5 star worthy experiences.


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