Non touristy things to do in London

(with a healthy dose of touristy things as well)


For those of you that don’t know, I left for London and will be living abroad for a semester.
I’ve been deciding whether to travel more to other countries while living there or to explore all that London has to offer. I was given the cutest non touristy/ touristy check off list to do while abroad from my friend Kaitlyn as a Christmas gift. SO that decided things, I will knock out all of these Musts on the weekdays &
On the weekends travel to new countries. P.s. Thanks again Kaitlyn I hope to add to your utterly amazing list.

My London, England Abroad Checklist


  • Camden market
  • London eye (preferably at night)
  • Piccadilly Circus (shopping)
  • Hyde Park on a sunny day (rent a bike)
  • Tate Modern (Art Museum)
  • Ride the tube to South Kensington (find Kings Road)
  • Must Ride the Bus (at least once)
  • The Wallace Collection (Art Museum and Find the Painting “the swing”)
  • Get your photo across Abbey Road (it’s okay to be a tourist)
  • Brick Lane for some street art and the market
  • Take a ferry to Greenwich & straddle the Prime Meridian
  • Natural History Museum
  • Platform 9 3/4
  • the London Museum
  • Big Ben
  • The Rocket Pub on Euston
  • Stroll through Convent Garden
  • rugby game
  • find yourself a Banksy! (Islington had one last time I was around)
  • Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street
  • The British Museum (it’s huge, it will take you days to get through)
  • Find some free live music at a small pub! Get a drink & enjoy


  • “Bang Bang” chicken at the Camden market
  • try chicken curry dish- it’s the favorite by the locals!
  • Pick yourself up some Sainsbury cookies
  • fish & chips
  • English breakfast
  • Tea, scones, and clotted cream w/ jam

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