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I feel so sorry I’ve got caught up in all the winter excitement and work I haven’t had time to post my countdown to Christmas gift ideas. So we will be changing it up this week we want to remember its all about loved ones and helping others. This time, of year we get so caught up in what to get people, or what we want to receive that we start to forget it’s not about the stuff it’s about the people’s lives we touch. So this blog will cover just that, helping touch people’s lives. These people could be your close friends or families all around the world. How are we going to do that you might ask?

Here’s how, I’ve personally selected items that I’m just dying over right now, but here’s the catch. All items selected will either donate to causes, help empower underdeveloped areas, or maybe just lend a helping hand to those in need. These are perfect gifts for self-gifting or even birthday gifts to keep the holiday spirit alive.

  1. Bridgewater Candles



These candles are so stinking adorable each one is decked out with an original case, and if that’s not your style they also have glass jar candles. Every candle purchased supplies food for a child for one day. (USA MADE) these candles are $20.




2. Parker Clay



This is just too sweet to pass up. This headband is $16 & handmade in Ethiopia. Perfect for just a little touch of style on days when I don’t feel like doing my hair. Let’s be honest that’s most days.

3. Parker Clay

This brand believes in the social and economic empowerment of people around the globe. I fell head over heels for this clutch!! I’m a sucker for worn brown leather bags!! This beauty is $75, what I love most about this brand is that they tell you where every part of their bags come from, and how it was made.


I had to give a shout out to this speaker company they “believe that what’s good for business should be good for the world”. Proceeds from their merchandise go to Starkey Hearing Foundation. So far they have been able to provide hearing aids to over 20,000 people in countries like the U.S., Peru, Kenya, Uganda, China, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. These headphones are $149.99.

5. Noon Day collection 

This jewelry is made by artists from across the globe, this pair of earrings, in particular, were made in Peru using classic silversmith Technic. They support entrepreneurs around the world to create dignified jobs and participate in fair trade. These beauties are a little pricey at $48 but come on they are perfect for all seasons.

6. Alex & Ani

Alex & ani are one of my all time favorite gift ideas! Each one is so personal and comes with a little bio, but these bracelets are particularly near and dear to my heart! With the purchase of these best friend bracelets, 20% of the proceeds Go to the American Heart Association. (Made in the USA) $48.

7. Parker Clay

Buy a blanket give a blanket. With every purchase of a blanket, they will give one to a child in the Bring Love In program. The blankets are $38 they are hand spun from organic cotton.

8. The Giving Key

I think this is such a wonderful company it gives jobs to those transitioning out of homelessness. Each piece you can choose your inspirational word I chose faith. This necklace is $60, but their product price ranges from high to low. They focus on being a place not just for second chances, but for community and emotional support.

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